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UniPay is a proprietary secure online payment technology provided by UniBank, a Central Massachusetts community bank. UniPay is a powerful online payment solution that enables businesses and non-profits to collect payments and/or non-profit donations online. To fulfil the payment processing demands of the small, medium, and enterprise-sized enterprises, the platform is open-ended, extremely flexible, and intelligent. It is adaptable and may be adjusted to any organization’s specific payment processing and collecting requirements.

UniPay is the ideal solution for your company’s online collection of account receivables and other payments. Private Schools, Daycare Centers, Hospitals, Medical Offices, Golf Courses, Religious Organizations, Landscaping, Community Centers, Organized Sports, Private Lessons, Financial Organizations, and any company or nonprofit that desires to accept payments online have had excellent success with UniPay.

How does UniPay work?

For the administration of online payments, UniPay comprises two key components:

  • The Payment Center
  • The Administration Center

Customers and non-profit financial supporters can make payments online using the UniPay Payment Center. UniPay clients (companies and non-profits) can obtain information on payments made by their customers through the UniPay Administration Center, which includes a research portal and a range of payment tracking records and reports.

Companies and non-profit organisations that acquire UniPay receive a secure website that may be expanded to multiple degrees of customisation to meet their payment processing, payment collecting, and workflow needs. Customization options vary from a very simple and uncomplicated payment page to one with more powerful and advanced features such as pre-populated forms and interface capabilities.

Funds are instantly placed into a UniBank bank account, giving business clients easy access to all of the online banking capabilities they rely on today.

Payees have the option of making a one-time payment or setting up a monthly payment plan. One-time payments can be made with or without the creation of a free UniPay account. Registration grants access to extra services such as recurring payments, quicker check-out with billing information autofill, the opportunity to generate text and email payment reminders, and a comprehensive history of all transactions completed on the UniPay Payment Center.

Advantages of UniPay

  • A company or non-profit organisation can take payments remotely and 24 hours a day, seven days a week, minimising or eliminating the need for in-person payments that are based on office business hours. Remote access also frees up human resources and has the potential to enhance cash flow for the company or non-profit.
  • UniPay from UniBank improves business efficiency by streamlining payment processing procedures. Multiple reports may be acquired and exported from the Administration Center to assist in the easy identification and management of receivables, as well as useful real-time reporting capabilities.
  • UniPay by UniBank has a distinct edge over all competing online payment systems and platforms in that it is backed by a dedicated full-service team of professionals who manage and triage all customer care concerns for every company and non-profit customer. UniPay clients also benefit from the customised service that can only be provided by a locally founded community bank.
  • UniPay is constantly updated to deliver the most recent technology advances in the payment sector.
  • Businesses use UniPay for a safe and dependable online payment system that helps to enhance the operations of any size business, allowing it to be more efficient and competitive, and therefore more lucrative.

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