Benefits of using Brave Browser (Make money online)

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What is Brave Browser?

A lot like other available web browsers, Brave is a standard browser that lets users navigate to websites, run web apps and display online content. It remembers site creation information which will help in blocking online ads from appearing on sites and ensuring a smooth experience for its users. It was founded by Brendan Eich, Java scripts creator and the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox. Its major competitors are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge which were launched in September of 2008 and July of 2015 respectively.

Brave browser can be downloaded from brave software website. The page will automatically recognize the device’s operating system and offer the appropriate version that can be installed and run. Mobile versions of the same are also available on the App Store and Google Play. According to reports from February to 2021, 25 million users are active on the brave website every month. Brave also allows users to run Chrome extensions on their devices.

What makes a brave web browser stand out?

Brave web browser loads page 3 times faster than Google Chrome which is the world’s number one browser. This is because they eliminate ads that help them download much less content from a website than any other browser sans ad-blocking extensions. Brave helps its users stay anonymous and helps them avoid large companies mapping their online and offline behavior by picking up trends.

How to avail the benefits of a brave browser?

It has its reward system which is its content creators and readers with Basic Attention Tokens also known as BAT. BAT is an ethereum-based token that pays for publishers, attention, and creators of their content by providing advertisers with bigger returns for their ads.

  1. Brave Rewards as content creators – Brave Rewards program for creators is for podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, and bands who can monetize that content. Gamers can make money by adding a Twitch channel to the browser. For this to happen, the user has to sign up for free as a Brave Creator and add their channel to the Brave Creator program.
  1. Brave creators can also earn money by inviting friends and visitors to download and use the app browser and $5 worth of that can be spent on each referral.
  1. Ads on several websites don’t pay but Brave reimburses their consumers for doing the same and shares 70% of their ad revenues with their users. The user can choose the number of ads they wish to see per hour and depending on the completion they can earn BATS.
  1. Countries are not listed on brave as so users can earn BAT by navigating a website. A simple signup reward of $5 can also be earned by using it for 30 days.  Other tokens in-kind worth 25 to 40 BATS can also be earned every month.

How to withdraw BAT tokens?

Kurnool to convert bat tokens to actual money the user has to download and sign up for which will help them convert to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies or the consumer’s local Fiat which will be deposited in the bank account.

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