Best Mutual Fund apps in India


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Over the last couple of years, investments have risen to the occasion. In the wake of a progressive India, more and more people are hopping on the bandwagon as they see the potential this country holds.

With so many apps these days that promise you the best returns, it gets hard to pick the one that works for you.

To save you the effort, here is a list of the Best Mutual Fund apps in India

  • Zerodha Coin App: The Zerodha app allows investors to invest in Direct SIP across 34 fund houses. Through this app, the investor can invest directly and save up to 1 to 1.5% more annually.
  • Groww App: considered to be one of the safest stock trading platforms, it lets investors purchase and sells stocks quickly and easily. Through this, an investor can also invest in NSEs and BSEs stocks.
  • ET Money App: While the whole nation relies on ET for staying abreast with economic developments, it now offers an app that can help you invest too. ET Money App provides you with insurance policies, loans and much more.
  • CAMS app: The CAMS app is well known among investors for offering features like the ease of investing and it provides basic advance knowledge about mutual funds, money mantra and even offers distributor news.
  • Paytm Money App: PayTM Money App offers investors 1% higher returns by investing directly in SIPs. This app is well known and trusted and has more than 40 mutual fund companies to invest in. It also offers 24×7 real-time service to help you out with any queries.
  • Kuvera app: Kuvera is a great app that is available for Indians to invest in mutual funds. It offers a set of rich features that makes things simpler for beginner-level investors. It also offers family accounts to manage joint investments along with fund recommendations depending on your personal portfolio. It has one-stop tracking dashboards, it is very easy to keep a track of your investment performance on Kuvera.
  • GoalWise app: GoalWise is an online investing app that manages and creates the investment on the basis of the risk profile of the investor. It frequently checks the performance of the market, advises investors where to invest and also provides a good payment gateway security. Investors can choose to go with this app for easy and hassle-free investment in direct SIP as well.
  • PaisaBazaar app: Paisa Bazaar app offers a wide range of financial products and is also one of the leading apps for mutual funds. The investor’s money is safe while investing in direct SIP via this app. Since it is also registered with SEBI, this app is considered to be safe for making investments in mutual funds.
  • Piggy App: this app shows all the mutual funds held in one platform itself. Piggy also has a decent service for direct SIP along with other mutual funds plans. Moreover, the method of redemption is also very simple in Piggy.

Summing it up

These apps offer security and guarantee and keep you on top of your investments. If you are an investor, these are some good apps to have.

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