Binomo Trading App – Review

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Binomo is an online trading company that works globally, making sure that the traders get attractive terms. It is certified by the international financial commission so that the client’s funds are well protected.

 In various cases, it is very convenient to have remote access to the platform instead of using the website. For this purpose, you can download the Binomo app on a mobile phone for free. It is available on all device software like Android and iOS. Whether it means this mobile app,  you can’t trade at any time, requiring immediate data of trades, promotions and competitions.

For practice, tournaments and a responsive support system, there is a demo account available as well. You will also be provided with different tools and strategies that describe how to trade depending on your level.


Binomo has been a class A member of the international financial commission or IFC since 2018  which is an impartial and independent dispute settlement company that has expertise in the financial markets. by being affiliated with the financial commission, the platform advocates its obligation to preserve the best standards and integrity

Furthermore, being certified by Verify My Trade, it portrays itself as a trustworthy company and pledges high quality of services, that is safe as well as transparent to their clients. All in all, Binomo is a secure and well-protected website as well as an app and has many positive traders reviews to prove it.

Logging in procedure

You can follow the steps given below for signing up on Binomo. The website is available in a multilingual format like English, Hindi and many other languages for your convenience:

  1. Visit the Binomo login page
  2. Fill in your Email and password
  3. Select the currency to trade. The account’s currency cannot be changed after registration
  4. Read and accept the terms of the client agreement
  5.  Click on the ‘create account’ option

Demo account

A demo account is stocked with a virtual amount of $1000 and it is a great way for learning how to use Binomo and training. As per rules and regulations, the use of signals and bots is prohibited.


The traders can participate in the contest which can be found on its official website. You can join one of them to get empowerment for future trades.


Although Binomo provides a lot of trading strategies, none of the strategies can guarantee 100% result on trade result on trade. Trading requires an in-depth analysis of the market in order to make accurate forecasts and earn extra funds

Trading Procedure

In order to trade on Binomo, you will have to choose an asset, set a time when the trade is finished, and lastly make a forecast if the chart will go up or down. In case the forecast is correct, you will get extra profits, if it’s not, the sum isn’t returned

In conclusion

Binomo is a worthwhile platform that offers various features at tournaments, demo accounts and tutorials. There is responsive and committed customer service with a user-friendly interface. However, there is always a risk of losing funds in trading.

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