Cambly Platform: Translation Jobs to Make Money Online

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Cambly’s basic premise is to connect English learners with native English speakers for casual talks. The goal is for students to practise their English with native English speakers, which is sometimes challenging in their home countries.

Teachers do not need to create lesson plans because the sessions are one-on-one and conservational.

Cambly is completely adaptable. To teach on Cambly, you are not required to adhere to any specific timetables or quotas.

Students range in age from preschoolers to adults and are at various stages of their English learning journey.

Why use Cambly in Teaching? 

Cambly teaching is not for everyone. It does, however, appeal to certain people.

Cambly is perfect for:

  • New teachers looking for their first ESL job
  • People who are thinking about teaching and wish to put their skills to the test
  • Teachers looking for a highly adaptable ESL platform
  • Teachers who work on numerous low-paying platforms

Cambly is not suitable for:

  • Experienced instructors looking for a high-paying ESL position
  • Teachers looking for a steady and continuous ESL employment

Monetary returns from Cambly?

Cambly’s official pay rate is 0.17 cents per minute ($10.20 per hour). Cambly Kids teachers are paid $0.20 per minute ($12.00 per hour).

Every Monday, payment is made through PayPal. The minimum winnings are $20.00.

Cambly bills in minutes because most sessions aren’t exactly 30 minutes or an hour. In reality, holding 5 and 10 minute sessions on Cambly is rather common.

It should be noted that you may have to wait for extended periods of time before receiving a call from a student, which reduces your hourly compensation even further.

Priority Hours are ideal for ensuring that you receive numerous calls.

You may also save time by multitasking while Cambly is operating in the background.

Qualifications Required

Cambly does not require a TEFL certificate or degree to get recruited, which is a significant plus for novice or prospective ESL teachers.

Cambly only needs native English speakers. Everything else is an added bonus.

However, in my experience, Cambly is a competitive platform to get hired with, and applying without a TEFL may hurt your chances.

Get TEFL certified at one of the numerous recognised online providers to increase your chances of being recruited at Cambly. Premier TEFL is the most well-known TEFL training provider in my opinion. If you want to consider all of your alternatives, this article includes the finest online TEFL courses.

Equipment Required

You don’t need much to get started with Cambly, but the standard equipment for any teaching profession is required.


  • Use of an internet connection
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • A web camera


  • Laptop stand for headsets
  • ESL games for laptops with backlight

The Process of Hiring

Another tempting feature of applying for a position with Cambly is that there are no interviews or demo courses.

In fact, all you have to do to get recruited at Cambly is put in a short video introducing yourself. This is essentially a test to assess if you are a native English speaker with good presentation skills.

As a result, Cambly is the simplest online ESL job to be recruited for.

Tips for creating a Cambly application video:

  • Write a script and memorise it first, but don’t recite it aloud; sound casually
  • Highlight previous experience or credentials (if applicable)
  • Dress in semi-professional attire.
  • Sit up straight at your workstation.
  • Make certain you have a solid (or professional) background.
  • If it isn’t flawless, don’t be scared to retake it.

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