ClearTax vs Quicko

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What is ClearTax?

ClearTax offers a complete taxation solution and a free trial, as well as expert support and freelancers to help businesses save money and time. Modules for income tax return e-filing, GST, GST compliance software, and other services are included. ClearTax is a prominent invoicing and billing software that allows you to make GST-compliant business invoices. It even allows you to submit GST returns with a single click. ClearTax also checks papers for mistakes before uploading them to the GSTN portal. As a result, fines while filing taxes are reduced.

Features of ClearTax

Here are some features of ClearTax that you would want to consider-

  • Invoicing and billing
  • Tax Administration
  • Dashboard
  • Sales Tax Administration
  • Management Information Reports
  • Data Security and Accuracy in Reporting
  • VAT, CST, and GST Reports
  • Creating E-Way Bills
  • Alerts through email and SMS

What is Quicko?

Quicko is a full-service income tax software developed for startups, small businesses, SMEs, and government agencies. This Income Tax Software for Web-Based offers an easy-to-use interface. Quicko offers complete solutions for the Windows and Android operating systems, as well as compatibility with Desktop. Quicko Income Tax Software assists with Tax Management, TDS Management, Income Tax, and Business. It also aids in the filing of e-TDS, the filing of TDS, the generation of Form-16s, and the verification of PANs.

Features of Quicko

Here are some features of Quicko that you would want to consider-

  • Tax Management
  • Income Tax
  • Generate Form-16s
  • File e-TDS
  • Manage TDS
  • File TDS
  • PAN Verification
  • For Business

How does ClearTax work?

ClearTax’s most recent version is largely used for filing and validating returns. It features a simple UI and is easy to use. To ensure a smooth process, ClearTax may be simply linked with your existing systems.

How does Quicko work?

Quicko is mostly used for Tax Management, Manage TDS, Income Tax, File e-TDS, File TDS, Generate Form-16s, and PAN Verification. It features a simple UI and is easy to use.

Difference between Cleartax and Quicko

  • Based on features

ClearTax GST contains GSTR Reports, Tally Integration, GSTIN Validator, and GSTR-2A in a single click for the entire fiscal year. Quicko is well-known for features such as Tax Management, Manage TDS, Income Tax, and For Business. When comparing ClearTax GST vs Quicko, consider scalability, customisation, ease of use, customer support, and other important considerations. The one that best meets your company’s requirements is the greatest.

  • When it comes to Deployment Type

Quicko is ideal for Web Based deployment, however ClearTax GST does not support it. When deciding between ClearTax GST and Quicko, consider which one is suitable with your devices. This will help to reduce the amount of work required after implementation.

Conclusion — Which is better?

ClearTax GST is well-suited to industries such as All Industries. Quicko is a better option for all industries. If you can’t decide between ClearTax GST and Quicko, see if the programme provides configurable modules for your industry. Industry-specific features will increase efficiency and ROI. However, keep an eye out for any hidden costs.

ClearTax GST and Quicko can be used for a variety of applications and are ideal for teams with specialised requirements. If you want a platform that is simple to use, has low barriers to entry, and provides a lot of customization, flexibility, and integration choices, you should examine their characteristics in detail during the demo. Compare ClearTax GST vs Quicko during a demo to see which is ideal for your company.

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