Earn Money by reading books


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Love burying your nose in the pages of your favourite book and can’t ever seem to get enough of it? If yes, then here is an interesting proposition for you to check out. These days, with the reading industry proliferating, readers are making money by reading more books.

Here are some interesting websites that actually thicken your wallets for reading

  1. Kirkus Media: This website looks for experienced reviewers of English and Spanish language so that they can review for the magazine’s book review section – which happens to be quite the deal internationally. As a reviewer, you are expected to submit 350 words review in a period of two weeks for books of all length
  2. The US Review of Books: As a reviewer of books, the reader here gets the choice of choosing a title they wish to review and they get a time period of 2-3 weeks to submit the review of at least 250-300 words per review.
  3. Reedsy Discovery: Reedsy Discovery is a part of Reedsy where self-published authors get a platform. Reedsy Discovery is considered to be one of the best websites to earn money reading books.
  4. ACX: Amazon’s ACX takes it a notch above, as it pays freelance voiceover actors who are paid on a per-project basis for every e-book or print they narrate. The reader has to speak in a clear, distinct voice with perfect enunciation.
  5. GetAbstract: This website pays you for giving succinct abstracts of lengthy pieces of work. The reader might have to peruse heavy information here to give accurate summaries but if reading nonfiction is your mojo, then you might find this interesting!
  6. Booklist: Booklist reviews around 7500+ titles every year for their audience of librarians, educators and booksellers. Their primary aim is to attract librarians by suggesting the best books and novels so that they purchase these books as soon as they are available on the market for their library. Their focus genres include adult books, graphic novels, books for youth, etc
  7. Findaway Voices: This is the same as ACX. It is a platform where you can audition for books that will be recommended to you once you sign up as a narrator. In an audition, you will have to record yourself reading the book for a few minutes. The author will then select the specific narrator based on their talent.
  8. Voices: Voices have a total of 160 countries from where narrators work with 221 different languages. They operate with some of the biggest brands like Microsoft, Cisco, Spotify, Discovery, etc. On voices, you can browse freelancing voice skills for podcasting, audiobooks, voice assistant, documentaries, etc.
  9. Women’s Review of Book: This is a deeply respected publication. Women’s Review of Books is one of the longest-running publications since 1983 which is a part of Wellesley Centres of Women. They review a variety of genres, like poetry, fiction, visual books, biographies, etc. Prior to becoming a reviewer, you need to understand that its writers are great journalists, academics and experienced writers and reviewers.

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