Grip Invest Review

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Grip Invest is an investment platform that allows buying of physical asset shares that have been leased by famous and trusted companies like Uber, Furlenco, DrinkPrime, and so on.  They advertise themselves in a way that indicates that they offer curated investment opportunities in lease finance with a low minimum investment amount and fixed returns. The Grip Invest platform user interface is quite simple with an exemplary record of no default record reported to date. It is neatly put without any strings attached or underlying terms and conditions. It was founded by Nikhil Agarwal, Vivek Gulati, and Aashish Jindal to solve two primary problems. The first is more options for retail investors other than fixed deposits and stocks. The second one is, making lease finance a trusted choice for companies looking for asset-light. 

What is lease finance?

It is a contract that specifies that there are two parties involved, the owner of the asset aka lessor, and the user of the asset aka the lessee. The owner permits the user to economically use the asset against the payment of a periodical amount which is in the form of lease rent for a specified period.

GripInvest will enable its customers to become one of the many lessons on a company that GripInvest chooses. It will handle everything else including legal documents and asset acquisitions.

Advantages of GripInvest

  1. Large companies that have a good business history are available on their database for safe investments.
  2. There are no underlying factors or strings attached when it comes to investment opportunity details. There is complete transparency from their end.
  3. The interface used is very user-friendly as it is simply put, neatly explained, and enables seamless investing, browsing, fund adding, and so on.
  4. Regular return structure in form of monthly returns instead of lump-sum returns to ensure a steady flow of inflow, easy to manage, and also encourages a sense of regular security.
  5. The sign-up process that requires the KYC completion is also quick and proactive
  6. Should any query arise, some hyperlinks redirect the user to customer help forums and landing pages.

Disadvantages of GripInvest

  1. The processing fees are high on the GripInvest platform that ends up eating a big chunk of the earnings
  2. There is a lack of choices on the deals that are available.
  3. Since the minimum lock-in period is 24 months, that amount is not qualified for early withdrawal.
  4. The tax due on the investments made through GripInvest does not qualify for tax refunds.
  5. The return rate comparison between FDs and GripInvest is misleading. This is because the FD return rate is fixed while that on GripInvest is in IRR over an average of 24 months which comes down to approximately 8%.

Concluding statements would suggest that the investments made in GripInvest should be of funds that won’t be required until the end of tenure. If any complications arise with any of the companies that GripInvest deals with, they have the legal way to solve it which takes years. No new company additions to their team suggest a partial hiatus in the expansion of their operations. It is a reliable platform but can’t outweigh the above-mentioned roadblocks in its success.

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