Guide to safe investing in cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency is all the hype lately, and why not? It is just what the millennials want – huge returns in the blink of an eye. A generation that lacks the patience for compounding to kick in, Cryptocurrency seems to be the need of the hour. However, more patient, and perhaps older investors know that all that glitters is not gold.

The safety of cryptocurrency has been a hot topic of debate for quite some years now.

You would not be the first person to look at cryptocurrency specifically. However, if the allure of cryptocurrency tugs at your conscience too, here is how you can safely invest with crypto.

Tips to safe crypto-investment

  1. Start small: Like all things careful, start investing in something unfamiliar to you with small amounts. This way, even if you accrue a loss, it won’t bankrupt you. It will offer you insights, learning experiences and help you make better decisions. However, beware of beginner’s luck.
  2. Be Loyal: Buying cryptocurrencies or stocks is like chasing butterflies – people keep chasing the brightest; the shiniest. However, experts suggest that you do your research well and stick to one currency. This not only offers you a better grasp of the market but in the long run, offers a better pay-off as well.
  3. Pick the right Crypto exchange: Crypto exchange is where all the magic happens. A Crypto exchange basically is any platform where you can buy and sell, basically trade your cryptos. While there are several platforms mushrooming in no time, you have to check the one that offers you secure waller, lower fees, and better transaction rates.
  4. Payment method: while you check platforms, also keep an aware eye on whether the payouts will be on a platform that is convenient to you. You should not have to go through several other processes to withdraw your earnings.
  5. Secure wallet: Make sure you choose a platform that offers you top-notch security on your wallet – which is where your bitcoins sit and you would not want this wallet touched by hackers out there.
  6. Join an online community: If you can join online communities to discuss your favourite fandom, you most definitely can join online communities to learn more about where you put your money. There is ample assistance available online. However, another caveat here would be to look out for trusted and verifiable online communities with genuine people behind the screen who are there to help out amateur investors.
  7. Read white papers: when you are considering investing, take the time out to read the project’s white paper. Every cryptocurrency project should have one, and it should be easily accessible; consider it a red flag if the white paper is not easily accessible.

Summing it up

Cryptocurrency, owing to its novelty can be quite overwhelming. But there is nothing to worry about. Everything new can feel like that sometimes. Consider your first round of learning to ride a cycle. You were worried, but with practice, it got better. Consider your crypto investing to be on the same lines. With practice, research and due diligence, it does get better for sure.

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