Mirae Asset Fund House Review

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What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a type of financial vehicle that pools money from several investors to invest in securities such as stocks, bonds, and other assets. Mutual funds are managed by professional money managers who allocate the assets of the fund in order to generate financial gains or income for fund investors. A mutual fund’s portfolio is constructed and maintained to satisfy the investment objectives stated in the prospectus.

Small and individual investors can gain access to professionally managed portfolios of stocks, bonds, and other securities through mutual funds. As a result, each stakeholder receives a proportionate share of the fund’s profits or losses. Mutual funds invest in a variety of assets, and their performance is often assessed as the change in the fund’s overall market value, which is generated by aggregating the performance of the underlying investments.

About Mirae Asset Fund House

There are relatively few fund houses in India’s mutual fund business whose plans have not disappointed experts, distributors, and, most crucially, investors. Mirae Asset is one such fund manager, and one of its best-performing schemes is Mirae Emerging Bluechip, which is a safe option in the current market conditions because it chooses stocks from both large and mid-sized categories. The scheme’s fund manager, Neelesh Surana, has put up a solid record, outperforming its benchmark index and peers by focusing on return ratios, management quality, and the level of leverage and cash flows of companies.

Surana avoids momentum bets, which has been a crucial component in the scheme’s success. He builds a conviction-based portfolio (using the fund house’s stringent stock-selection technique) that encompasses a wide range of topics across large and mid-sized enterprises. In the last six months, he has increased his exposure to companies in the financial, pharmaceutical, chemical, information technology, and car sectors, as part of a varied portfolio approach. These companies not only have strong earnings visibility, but they are also well-positioned in their respective industries as a result of macroeconomic variables working in their favour. A stronger dollar in relation to the rupee is one such factor.

The programme has gained 16 percent and 28 percent over the last three and five years, respectively, while its benchmark index, the Nifty Large Midcap 250 TRI, has returned 12 percent and 18.2 percent over the same time period. The scheme’s constant outperformance has been its defining feature. This programme is suitable for both conservative and non-conservative investors.

Is investing in Mirae Asset Bluechip Fund a good idea?

If you are looking for a mid-cap fund to invest in, Miras Asset Emerging Bluechip is without a doubt one of the greatest possibilities.

But, like with any mid-cap fund, keep your exposure to it to a minimum. Do not put all of your money into mid-cap mutual funds. They are dangerous.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you should invest in mid-cap funds for at least five years. When you invest for the long term, you lower your risk because short-term volatility is considerably reduced.

How to invest in the fund?

Most online marketplaces do not provide Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund.

However, you need not be concerned because this fund is available for investing on the Groww platform.

Simply log in to your account, select the Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip fund, make a payment, and begin your SIP!

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