Navi App — Key Features

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Co-founder of Flipkart, Sachin Bansal’s financial services startup, Navi, launched in May 2018 as a mobile app in order to provide instant personal loans that are targeted at consumers in the middle-income segment.

It was backed by various tech startups across sectors in Sachin’s in his own capacity, whereas, Navi has also been making strategic investments in several financial sector firms in the last few months.

The Navi lending app will provide instant loans of up to Rs 5 lakhs with a repayment tenure of up to 36 months. The loan process is done entirely using a digital and contactless process for the customers.

The app is currently active for download on the Android platform, via which customers can check their eligibility, select the loan and EMI amount and enter their PAN and Aadhaar number in order to receive the loan amount in their respective bank account within minutes.

The process is entirely paperless and does not require customers to upload any kind of documents like payslips or bank statements. Paperless lending is made possible because of the recent advancement in knowing your customer or KYC norms and also due to the availability of rich consumer data.

In order to assess loan applications and prevent fraudulent transactions,  they have an app-based lender source customer data from trading and brokerage accounts, and credit and debit card transactions directly from banks. Apart from this, a customer’s employment information and credit histories are also assessed from credit bureaus approved by the Reserve Bank of India.


Some of the salient features of Navi are as follows:

  1. You can get Navi instant personal loan up to Rs 20 lakh online
  2. The processing fee is 3.99% to 6%. Minimum Rs 1,499 and maximum Rs 7,499+ GST
  3. You can get the money instantly transferred to your bank account after approval
  4.  the entire process for Navi instant loan is 100% paperless
  5. There are no bank statements are salary slips required to apply for the loan
  6. There is minimal documentation required
  7.  there is no requirement for any printout of documents
  8.  it offers a flexible tenure of up to 72 months and a flexible EMI option as well
  9.  No foreclosure charges are levied on the repayment of the loan
  10. Navi app loan interest rate is affordable and starts from  9.9% p.a.
  11.   You can check your eligibility online instantly
  12. There is no security deposit or Collateral required in order to obtain the loan
  13. Navi instant personal loan reviews are available online for your trust and satisfaction.

Interest Loan Rate

Navi personal loan interest rates are fixed in nature and can vary from 9.9% to 36% per annum, depending on the loan amount, borrower’s eligibility and repayment tenure. You can also be needed to pay a processing fee of 3.99% to 6% along with the Navi interest rate.

Documents Required

You need to have the following documents in possession in order to apply for a personal loan at Navi app:

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. PAN number

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