Platform overview of Credilio

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Credilio is a platform or a reliable financial services brand for customers, lenders, and partners.

While most banks and NBFCs provide credit cards and personal loans through their mobile app or website, users still struggle with the processes and lack the necessary knowledge and confidence to make their own selections.

Our solution is straightforward: we’re bridging the gap with a Digital Financial Advisor who will help the customer through the entire process, from lead generation to application to payout, for a smooth experience. We have digitised and standardised the processes to make them more efficient and hassle-free while retaining the ‘human’ element. The neighbourhood advisors are also well-positioned to serve customers in person when needed.

Owning the whole client path through a single digital platform, and thereby standardising processes across banks, allows for speedier credit decisions. It also makes providing good after-sales service easier. And, perhaps most importantly, we are committed to promoting a new breed of digital financial advisors by providing them with a platform on which to create potential careers in personal finance, even if they do not have an existing customer base or prior ties with banks.

About the Founding Team of Credilio

  • Aditya Gupta, CEO of Credilio

Prior to Credilio, Aditya co-founded TranServ, a digital payments company, with banks, NBFCs, and e-commerce enterprises. He has about two decades of expertise in financial and retail services, having worked with HSBC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Maruti Suzuki.

  • Anand Kapadia Distribution at Credilio

Anand has over a decade of expertise managing mortgages and selling business loans. He established the agent distribution route at TranServ before joining Credilio. He has worked as the National Sales Leader at HSBC Bank and as a regional head at Barclays Bank and ICICI Bank.

  • Munjal Dhamecha, CTO at Credilio

Munjal has more than 15 years of experience developing scalable IT solutions. Prior to Credilio, he worked as CTO at DearO, Rentomojo, Grabhouse, Make Sense, and Justdial.

  • Sandeep Ghule, CPO at Credilio

For almost 20 years, I’ve worked in product and marketing. Developed and promoted technology-enabled cards, wallets, and digital payment products for ICICI Bank, HSBC, TranServ (as a co-founder), and Indiabulls Consumer Finance.

  • Amit K. Gupta, Credilio’s Tech Advisor

Amit has nearly two decades of experience as a product engineer, having built scalable and distributed systems at TranServ and MakeMyTrip. He presently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Rebel Foods, the world’s largest internet restaurant business.

Why work with Credilio?

In case you’re looking forward to working with Credilio, below are mentioned a few reasons that justified why this would be a good idea for you and your career:

Credilio, founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs with years of fintech and banking experience, is creating the next generation of the tech-enabled marketplace for financial products to cater to India’s 200 million middle and lower-middle-class consumers, who are expected to drive demand in the coming years. Join us for a rewarding career in the development of a large financial services organisation.

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