Platform overview of ScripBox

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Scripbox India Private Limited, created by Sanjiv Singhal and Ashok Kumar, is an online mutual fund platform. It assists investors in making the appropriate financial plans and taking the necessary procedures to attain their financial objectives.

Scripbox, which began in Bengaluru in 2012, today handles assets worth over 1100 crore for over 1 million member investors. Scripbox has earned the trust of Indians who are sceptical of investing in mutual funds and other comparable scams.

Not only that, but the firm has received several honours and accolades from major periodicals such as HINDU, ECONOMIC TIMES, and others. Financial Express also bestowed the “Best Banks Award” to the firm.

What is Scripbox? – In Detail

Scripbox is an online platform that assists individuals in achieving their financial objectives by giving advice on mutual fund investments and associated programmes.

As a result, Scripbox assists you at each stage of investing and financial planning:

The platform assists you in establishing appropriate financial objectives: There are pre-determined plans from which to pick (such as a kid plan, retirement, or becoming a crorepati) or you may design your own plans.

Scripbox assists you in creating personalised financial strategies.

This investing platform assists you in making the best investments.

Once these investments are made, the platform will regularly analyse the portfolio’s growth and assist you in meeting your financial goals.

In brief, the Scripbox serves as a tool that assists you in achieving your financial goals via careful preparation. It also organises and assists you in selecting a risk-adjusted investing strategy.

As a result, this investing platform stays abreast of financial developments affecting its clients. Changes may include an increase in education prices or an increase in inflation, and then advice is provided accordingly.

How to open an account with Scripbox?

It’s quite simple to sign up for a Scripbox account. The following are the steps to opening one for yourself:

  • Fill up your age and other information.
  • Provide information about your marital status and the number of children you have.
  • Choose the chosen plan.
  • Finally, decide on a monthly investment amount.

Done and dusted! This investing platform will present all of these permutations and combinations, allowing you to pick any one specific amount and strategy.

Voila! Your account has been established, and you can now begin investing. The platform is incredibly user-friendly, and the tool is quite simple to use. If one wishes to re-plan one’s financial objectives, there are a few basic measures to take.

Advantages of the platform

  • You may monitor the portfolio’s progress on a regular basis by using the tool’s reports and financial insights.
  • Because there is no lock-in period, you can withdraw at any moment.
  • You may also select from a variety of tax-saving programmes offered by them.
  • In addition, Scripbox is seeking to enter the insurance market in order to provide its customers with the associated benefits of such an insurance programme.

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