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What is a subscription of car?

Car subscriptions are a wonderful way to drive a car on a month-to-month basis, comparable to standard contract hiring and leasing but without the ties or responsibilities of ownership or long-term leases.

Car Subscriptions are a good fit between daily rental vehicles from Avis and Hertz and long-term contract hiring and leasing from firms like Arval and Lex Autolease.

Many suppliers of Car Subscriptions include rental, maintenance, service, and breakdown cover as part of their monthly subscription, and some even provide optional insurance.

Car subscription providers

The Car Subscription industry is expanding on a daily basis, with more and more companies testing the waters to see whether it fits for their business model.

Many of these automobile subscription providers include the following in their payments: Breakdown Cover, Road Fund Licence, Servicing, and Maintenance. Some of them, however, may impose age limitations, deposits, the inclusion of insurance, and administrative costs such as PCN processing fees and late payments.

Many Car Subscription companies provide Electric Cars and Hybrid Cars, which is an excellent method to test these new vehicles on a fleet before committing to a long-term commitment.

Some firms also provide corporate services such as accounts and account managers, as well as VAT invoicing, which may make fleet management considerably easier for many business owners.

A few of the firms are mentioned below:-

Drive Car Flex

Drive Car Flex – Car Subscriptions has over 100 brand new and almost new cars that may be taken for a minimum of 1 month and you can retain the same car for up to 12 months, without those unpleasant change overs.

The Drive Car Flex Subscription programme, which is part of Cocoon Vehicles, a respected and long-established company, is part of a collaboration made with a flexi-rental firm located in Leeds, but with the aid and support of Cocoon’s technology.

Rental, maintenance, road fund licence, vehicle warranty, and 24 hour breakdown support are all included in all automobile subscriptions. All the consumer needs to do is supply insurance and gasoline.


Flexigo Cars is a service that allows you to receive a car subscription on a variety of cars on a “all-inclusive” basis. All you have to do is furnish insurance and gasoline.

Flexigo Car Subscription Service is excellent for people classified as Non-Status, which includes new-start businesses, those with unfavourable or poor credit, expats, and clients with poor credit.

It is also a fantastic alternative for people who do not want too many checks performed or who do not want their auto lease to appear on a credit record, making it suitable for mortgages.


Pivotal Car Subscriptions is backed by Land Rover, Jaguar, and unlike the other companies, Pivotal provides a level of subscription that affects the sort of car you drive.

Pivotal’s subscription covers the car, maintenance, road fund licence, breakdown cover, and completely comprehensive insurance. At the moment, this service is only offered to anyone over the age of 30 who have at least two years of no claims bonus.

Terms are typically three months, with an extra price if you choose to alter or terminate your car during this time.

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