Review of AliceBlue Platform

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Compiled in 2006, Alice Blue is a Bangalore-based discount trader that provides stock and commodity trading services to the BSE, NSE, and MCX. Alice Blue also provides a depositing service (Demat account) for its membership with CDSL.

AliceBlue offers a simple marketing program, Freedom 15 (F15) to its customers. The F15 low-cost brokerage system reduces the seller’s payment so that customers get the lowest cost while trading. It is a brokerage discount program that offers brokerages free sales of equity delivery. The customer does not pay any trade fees for this part. For all other segments, Alice Blue charges Rs 15 per order or 0.01% depending on the minimum.

Alice Blue Financial Services has a network of 17 branches located in major cities throughout India. These branches provide personalized merchant service to customers. It also has 1000+ partners throughout India.

Alice Blue provides stock trading platforms to its customers. ANT (Analyze and Trade) is a trading platform provided by Alice Blue. Developed by TradeLab and using Omnesys NEST as a background. The forum is available for mobile, desktop and web versions. ANT Meta and ANT Scanner is a trading software provided by a trading analytics company.

The discount trader also provides access to online trading tools related to third parties to help his clients critically evaluate their trading and make informed trading decisions. Customers can gain access to these paid tools and apps in the ‘Trade Store’.

Trading Tools

The main trading tools available in the Trade Store are:


A sharing market app where customers can compare, select, and follow top market experts and get trading tips from them.

Rs 499

Alice Algo

An app-based web and Algo Trading tool

Subscriptions Supported


A platform for building your trading strategy using Fibonacci, indicators, and patterns.

Free Life

Alice Blue Mutual Funds

An online forum for buying funds shared directly in zero brokerage and payment.

Zero Aliceblue Consumer Zone only


Options Strategy Builder & Trading platform.

Lite: Rs 600 pm

Pro: Rs 950 pm

Small case

Provides pre-built portfolios around a trading theme or concept

Rs 100 less (Buy)


Stock acquisition and analysis tool.


Unique Sales Proposition

The following are the different selling points of Alice Blue Financial Services:

  1. Gain the trust of more than 20 years as a full-service seller.
  2. ANT – A leading trading platform designed for analysis and trading.
  3. Discount trading system Freedom 15 – A simple, inexpensive and low-cost system.
  4. Equity Delivery brokerage is free. There is no trader’s money in cash and trade.
  5. Pay 0.01% or Rs 15 depending on the minimum brokerage for all other BSE, NSE, and MCX segments.
  6. Free trading software for all its customers.
  7. Advanced Trading Tools- ANT Meta and, ANT Scanner. and other third-party tools.
  8. Trade School is an online resource for learning investment concepts and trading skills.


The following are the benefits of Alice Blue. You should learn the pros and cons of Alice Blue before opening an account with Alice Blue. The pros and cons of Alice Blue help you find out if it fits your investment needs:

  1. The Equity Delivery Program in Freedom (F15) is free. Pay a limit of Rs 15 for trading in other segments.
  2. No small brokerage. No less dedication. No Prepaid Programs.
  3. Alice Blue is a financial services provider that has been providing sales services since 2006.
  4. It uses the Omnesys NEST PLUS Trading Platform as an ANT backup. Omnesys NEST offers a powerful risk management system and order management system used by more than 200 top retailers in India.
  5. ANT Trading Software is available free of charge to all its customers.
  6. Provides access to a list of third-party online trading tools and applications.
  7. Types of Advance Orders namely Bracket Orders and Cover Orders are available to all customers.
  8. Trading is available on BSE, NSE, and MCX.


Next up is the drawback of Alice Blue. See a list of Alice Blue issues.

  1. AliceBlue no longer offers full commercial services. They also stopped providing unlimited monthly/annual trading plans.
  2. Internet IPO, NCD, and business bonds are not available.
  3. Merchant-assisted trading (Call & Trade) is available for an additional Rs 20 per order.
  4. GTC Good Till Orders are not available.

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