Streak Platform Overview

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Zerodha Streak is a simplified algorithm-based trading tool for retailers. Streak does not require any programming knowledge. We use technology to help traders create, test, and deploy technical trading strategies. This is a great algorithmic trading tool for regular traders. 

Streak helps individual clients systematically trade stocks, commodities, and Forex futures. The Zerodha Streak tool uses Zerodha’s API to run jobs internally. 

Streak is a third-party product from Zerodha. It keeps track of market movements and keeps track of the trader’s market without having to wait for the right price to come in and out, which helps to make the trader’s life easier.

Algorithmic trading (algorithm trading) uses a computer program (algorithm) with predefined trading instructions. Automatically send buy/sell orders to the exchange based on the trading strategy defined in the program. In general, algorithmic trading requires good programming skills. However, Streak is an algorithm-based retail trading platform that does not require coding skills.

Features of Zerodha Streak 

The app has been continuously developed since the launch of Zerodha Streak,  and Zerodha is now available in the latest version of Streak 4.0 with many additional features. The Zerodha Streak platform supports over 80 technical indicators.  Zerodha Streak allows you to enter strategies by adding up to 5 conditions. Zerodha Streak offers paper trading that provides a great hands-on experience for beginners.  Zerodha Streak provides  Discover capabilities with strategies published by Streak for educational purposes.  Zerodha Streak has scanners to help users select inventory.

How does Zerodha Streak work? Zerodha Streak works in three steps:

  •  Create
  •  Counter test
  •  Input

Zerodha Streak Discover

The Discover feature has strategies published by Streak for educational purposes. It is available on the dashboard of the Zerodha Streak platform.

The Discover feature gives users details of various backtested sample strategies. It shows the performance of selected top-performing strategies across sectors.

Users can search and filter strategies based on the type of strategy they want. You can modify the predefined parameters (candlestick spacing, quantity, stop loss percentage, take profit percentage, etc.) to edit the strategy and optimize them. 

These strategies can be backtested to verify performance. If the user is happy with the backtesting results, he can immediately start using the strategy in the live market.

Zero dust leak scanner

Zerodha Streak Scanner is a detection tool that helps users select inventory.

To use the scanner, users must enter their criteria and select the group to scan (Nifty50, Banks, Healthcare, etc.). You can save each scan with a unique name for later reference.

Scanners search thousands of stocks and commodities (currencies and commodities) to meet your search needs.

When you query the scanner, it will generate a list of devices that match your criteria. You can directly trade stock/futures contracts that meet scanning criteria and view technical overviews.

You can create a custom shopping cart and monitor some scripts from the scan results. You can also create a strategy directly from the scan results

Key highlights of the Zerodha streak scanner

  •  Over 40 indicators
  •  Advanced mathematical functions
  •  Super fast results
  •  My Scan A list of all scans created/copied and saved by the user.
  •  Popular Scans A list of 72 sample scans created for uptrends (markets are up) and downtrends (markets are down).
  •  Custom basket

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