Top 10 Work from Home jobs that actually pay well

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While Work from Home was seemingly a futuristic approach to work, one can safely assume that the future has now arrived. Gone are those days when you had to plan your commute, carry your tiffin, pick out your clothes and watch time fly while you are stuck amidst traffic honking.

Here is a list of Work from Home jobs that actually are known to pay well

In a time when companies are laying off employees, these options may prove beneficial for you from a financial standpoint.

  • Blogging:

This one has been at the forefront of Work from Home options for quite a while now. Blogging offers writers a free space to connect to their audiences and in the long-term earn money for themselves. A free portal for readers and writers alike, blogging offers a multitude of options that you can actually monetize.

It is not surprising to see YouTubers make a living for themselves these days. They have capitalized on the prophesized trend that the “future of content is a video”. You will now see Youtubers be rolled into brand endorsements, commercials and even movies. If there ever was a better time to be a YouTuber, it is now!

  • Virtual assistant:

Find yourself being a pro-scheduler? This one might be the gig for you. Schedules can get pretty hectic and there are virtual assistants now who sort out and manage schedules remotely. They can even assist with business inquiries, manage blogs, websites, sort sales data and do much more from the comfort of their houses.

  • Web developer:

In a digital world, the web developer position is enjoying its heyday. Businesses are going online and for that, they need web developers. If you think you have the skill for developing websites, you can work from home and make your living.

  • Online tutoring:

With e-learning being the norm now, teachers can take their skills online and help millions of students remotely. All it takes is a few gadgets and your house can be the next learning haven!

  • Social Media Manager

Social Media Management is an expanding field that needs you to handle social media accounts of all types of companies, small and large. Social media managers are also required by celebrities and public figures in order to stay relevant to their audience. Business entities and public figures do not have the time or energy to look after their social media accounts and hence hire social media managers for themselves.

  • Translator

Being well acquainted with your native language or a third language will benefit you a lot. In case you consider yourself to be fluent in Hindi, English, German, Tamil, Telugu, etc. you can offer your translating services to freelance websites.

  • Content writer

Content writing includes a lot of writing styles and forms and producing write-ups. Like article writing, blog writing, copywriting, webpage writing, description, stories, etc. If you are someone who can express themselves well with words, content writing is one the best and most suitable part-time or full-time work from home jobs in India.

  • Travel agent

Consider becoming a travel agent online if you have a knack for suggesting the best places to travel or know the best honeymoon packages in India. Travelling websites like Monster India, Timesjobs, etc can offer you the opportunity to work from home as an online travel agent.

  • Call centre jobs

Work at home, earn a decent income for asking telephone calls, verifying information and interviewing as a call centre representative. Websites such as SimplyHired, FreeLance, Upwork, etc can offer a role as a call centre agent. All you need is a decent PC, software linked to them and phone equipment.

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