Top 5 Free Blogging Platforms to Start Blogging


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In order to put your efforts into something that does not cost a lot, here is a list of the top 5 Free Blogging Platforms so that you get the right headstart into the Blogging macrocosm.

Free Blogging platforms to consider in 2022

Wix not only allows you to design your own blog but it gives you the leeway to build a whole webpage, back-end to front. From easy templates to choose from to innovative colours and minimalistic UIs, Wix offers a holistic experience to bloggers and readers alike. The nice thing about Wix is that it is free of cost hosting included, all you have to do is arrange the layout, pick a template, and you are all done. It provides both free and premium themes and templates for different purposes which include blogging.

WordPress is a legend in the blogging world and that too for a reason. A free platform that has hardly ever faltered, WordPress has tons of themes and features (alongside plug-in integrations) that make blogging a smooth experience. Since you will be hosting the WordPress software yourself, you will have full control over your website and its functions, along with how you make money through it. However, on the other hand, the setup process is a little tedious and hands-on.

While LinkedIn stands popular as a social media for job seekers and providers, it is also a great platform to blog. The latest updates and trends regarding certain industries are not only appreciated but also shared and engaged with on a large scale. From a technical standpoint, publishing on LinkedIn is easy. All you have to do is go to your LinkedIn profile and use the ‘start a post’ widget at the top of the page. If you wish to convert your status into a full post, click on ‘write an article on LinkedIn’ to open the full-screen editing window.

Weebly is a drag-and-drop based interface designer-slash-blogging platform that allows you to decide what the user’s experience will be like when they visit your blog. With full command of your blog at your disposal, you get to choose what goes and what does not. It provides sidebars, media boxes, ad spaces, forms, social media icons, subscriptions to newsletters, etc. On top of this, Weebly comes with built-in analytics and lets you use your own custom domain for which you have to pay.

A powerful and versatile platform, Joomla allows creators to design a webpage to their liking thereby tailoring user experience. It has hundreds of templates to choose from and tonnes of extensions that make blogging a worthwhile endeavour. When it comes to easy to use, Joomla provides an old-school editor that looks like Microsoft Word. It lets you choose the font, colour, emoticons, size, background and tables, etc like Microsoft Word does. Joomla editor is tabbed. The first tab is the writing tab, then you need to switch tabs in order to select the post categories, tags, meta descriptions, keywords, etc

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