Wint Wealth Platfrom Review

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Wint Wealth is a fintech platform that engages closely with enterprises wanting to raise capital. They enable individual investors to invest in new items in order to lend to such businesses. These products are less risky than unsecured bonds.

Initially, these investments were only available to Ultra HNIs with a ticket size ranging from Rs. 50L to Rs. 1Cr. They strive to democratise fixed-income assets with their high-rated asset-backed debt products, allowing individual investors to access the debt landscape with a ticket size as little as Rs. 10,000. This allows first-time debt investors to diversify their debt investments.

Wint Wealth has created covered bonds/MLD for retail investors, which offer increased security. Wint Wealth products are designed to offer:

  • Fixed/consistent returns (9-12 percent ).
  • Physical collateral, like gold, real estate, or automobiles is utilized as collateral.
  • Framework for bankruptcy protection
  • Low Investment Requirements


Wint Wealth offers retail investors the opportunity to invest in covered bonds. Covered bonds are bonds that have an additional degree of protection.

The investment timeline is straightforward:

  • Wint Wealth collaborates with NBFCs. These NBFCs issue bonds to them.
  • Wint Wealth sells these bonds to retail investors, and the NBFC pays the investors a monthly interest.
  • The retail investor here becomes a creditor to the NBFC, which means the NBFC is obligated to pay the investor interest on a monthly basis, as well as the full principal at the conclusion of the period.

The interest rate and duration of investment differ depending on the asset.

How to Invest

It is really simple to invest with them. You only need to complete your KYC details and upload your CMR copy, which will include information about your Demat account. After that, they will verify your KYC details, and if everything checks out, your KYC will be granted, and you will be able to purchase their assets, which are restocked on a monthly basis.

The funds are debited from your bank account, and the units are deposited into your Demat account, which you should be able to view. Because they are not traded in marketplaces, there would be no price connected with them. When the units reach maturity, they will be taken from your account, and you will get the principal and interest amount in your bank.

Safety of Wint Wealth

In the lexicon of investment platforms, there are two main aspects of safety:

  • The platform’s originality
  • Platform deals that are available.

There is enough data to demonstrate that the platform is reliable and acts in the best interests of investors. It is supported by trustworthy individuals. The site goes to great lengths to educate investors on the investment opportunities it introduces.

The security of the deals accessible on Wint Wealth must be examined by comparing goods with equivalent yields. All future transactions on Wint Wealth will be public issues, which means they will be regulated by SEBI and the platform will be required to follow the necessary standards. Moreover, the covered bond feature adds an added degree of security to the assets when compared to similar NCDs available on the secondary market!

Wint Wealth Alternatives

  • GripInvest
  • TradeCred
  • Klubworks
  • Lendbox and Cashkumar
  • Hedonova

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