The Ultimate guide on how to travel for free


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Do you want to travel the world but don’t have a large enough budget? Today, it is easier than ever to travel the world on the cheap — or even for free.

Below are mentioned few pointers on how you can really discover the world for free!

Some of these options provide free lodging, while others provide free transportation, and a few provide both. They all have limitations and trade-offs, but these travel tips are hard to beat for anyone looking to travel on a shoestring budget.

1. Work in Expat-Friendly Industries Abroad

There are numerous expat-friendly job opportunities available overseas, ranging from international nurses and doctors to educators, and engineers.

Thousands of international schools around the world are looking for qualified English-speaking employees, ranging from IT specialists to administrators to teachers of all specialities. If you’re interested, you should look into the international recruiting firm Search Associates.

You don’t have a teaching certificate? With a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certificate, you can still potentially teach English as a foreign language. However, you should not expect to receive the same benefits as credentialed teachers working in international schools.

2. Look for Work Swaps

In exchange for work, many employers offer free housing for short-term or even long-term stays. This is referred to as a work exchange.

For example, if you’ve ever been interested in living and working on a farm, WWOOF is your chance to do so while also travelling the world. WWOOF is an acronym that stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

Farming is primarily a seasonal occupation, and farmers require seasonal help. Many organic farmers do not have an abundance of money, despite having an abundance of space, housing, and food. So they provide room and board in exchange for four to six hours of help per day. You are responsible for the cost of transportation to and from the event.

3. Long-Term Volunteering Through the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps provides extremely rewarding opportunities to live for several years in a community that is in desperate need of dedicated volunteers. While the Peace Corps is a large international organisation, they do an excellent job of maintaining a grassroots focus. Volunteers travel to the ends of the earth, living and working in the world’s poorest communities.

However, the Peace Corps is not for everyone. It takes a 27-month commitment: three months of training, followed by two years on the job. You’ll also be leaving behind the comforts of Western democracy. You may or may not have mobile phone service, and in hot climates, you may or may not have air conditioning.

You are given a living stipend, which is sufficient to cover your basic necessities.

4. Make the Most of Overbooked Flights

You’ve probably had this happen to you. “We’re slightly overbooked for today’s flight and are offering a free flight voucher up to $500 for any passengers willing to take our next flight at 7 pm,” the airline employee says over the intercom.

Taking them up on their offer isn’t always practical. Sometimes you have an urgent need to get home, such as a big meeting the next morning. However, sometimes it only takes a few hours at the airport to save a significant amount of money.

If no one takes advantage of the airline’s offers, they usually escalate. They may begin with a $300 voucher, then $500, then $700, and so on until the offer is so enticing that people rush to the counter to take it. If the first offer isn’t worth the inconvenience, but you have some wiggle room, move closer to the counter and listen carefully. Prepare to jump on the deal if it escalates sufficiently to warrant your time.

5. Make the Most of Loyalty Programs

Credit cards aren’t the only way to earn rewards. Loyalty points are frequently offered by airlines, hotel chains, and other travel businesses to frequent travellers.

You can accumulate frequent flyer miles if you always fly with the same airline. The same is true for hotels. These businesses will occasionally run brief promotions with killer deals to help you rack up points quickly and cheaply, or they will accept fewer points than usual for flights or stays.

You can stay up to date on current promotions by participating in travel forums and reading frugal travel blogs.

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